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Departure Point and Parking

Boothstown Departure

Departure Point: Bridgewater Marina, Quayside Close, Boothstown, Worsley, M28 1YB

Nearest parking: Free car and coach parking are available at Bridgewater Marina

Worsley Departure

Departure Point: The Humpback Bridge, Barton Road, Worsley Village, Manchester, M28 2PD (Directly opposite the 'Bridgewater Hotel' and restaurant 'George's)

Nearest parking: Pay and display car park at the Bridgewater Hotel (there is some free parking along Barton and Worsley Road)

Charter Routes 

Boothstown -  Worsley (return)                                                1.25 hours                

Boothstown - Barton Aqueduct (return)                                    3 hours                    

(Route not available after dusk)

Boothstown - Astley (return)                                                     2 hours                  

Boothstown - Worsley - Astley (return)                                      3 hours                    

Worsley- Barton aqueduct (return)                                          2 Hours                    

(Route not available after dusk)

 Worsley - Barton Aqueduct and Beyond (return)                      3 Hours                  

(Route not available after dusk) 


Worsley Astley (return)                                                           2 Hours                   

Worsley - Astley (return)                                                         3 Hours                  

Extra Hours £100.00 per hour